Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Samsung lead the way in VR sales leaving the big boys behind

Samsung Gear VR shipped more!!

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"The low barrier to entry for mobile gave Samsung an edge over its other high-end competitors before the Google Daydream View came out," said analytics firm SuperData,

  "After giving away hundreds of thousands of headsets with S7 pre-orders, [Samsung was] able to get devices into the hands of consumers at a critical time."

Things aren't quite as good for Google Pixel yet, but its a matter of time until Samsung Gear has serious competition from google and co. As more phones become compatible this year it will mean more competition for Samsung, especially when the Daydream View is $20 cheaper than the Gear VR.

Sony can expect things to improve as The report adds that "Sony's headset flew off shelves, selling out virtually everywhere within a few days," and that the only reason it hasn't sold more yet is because "the company's lack of fulfillment is an indication of a cautious start".

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How do you see VR progressing on the future? is improving the mobile route the way forward or is it a matter of time and content before the console based VR lead the way. we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so please comment below.

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